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Human Health

The Human Health segment consists of two product groups: Finished Dosage Form Generics and Nutritionals. Finished Dosage Form Generics ACETO sells generic prescription products and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products under the Rising label to leading wholesalers, chain drug stores, distributors and mass merchandisers. As part of our asset-light model, products are developed in collaboration with selected pharmaceutical development partners and with networks of finished dosage form manufacturing partners. Leveraging our extensive experience supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates, ACETO entered the end-user segment of the generic pharmaceuticals industry in 2010 through the acquisition of Rising Pharmaceuticals, a U.S. marketer and distributor of finished dosage form generics founded in the early 1990s. To supplement our organic growth and further expand into the U.S. generic pharmaceuticals industry, Rising Pharmaceuticals acquired PACK Pharmaceuticals, a national marketer and distributor of generic prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, in April, 2014. Rising Pharmaceuticals is an integral component of ACETO's strategy to becoming a Human Health oriented company.

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NutritionalsAceto also supplies the raw materials used in the production of nutritional and packaged delivery supplements, including vitamins, amino acids, iron compounds and biochemicals used in pharmaceutical and nutritional preparations.