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The Nutraceutical market has always been a key area for Aceto B.V. to excel and make the most of our knowledge and network. Aceto B.V. is continuously looking to provide the edge in new ingredients and help our customers move forward when it comes to creating new value and new products. We have long standing relationships with a number of leading suppliers that are frontrunners in their field.

Through our extensive network of suppliers we find new opportunities and help our customers to bring new ideas to the market.Active IngredientsWhen it comes to ingredients Aceto B.V., offers its service in both sourcing and introducing new product Ideas. We have an extensive network of suppliers which is capable of supplying a large range of active ingredients.

A selection of our principal suppliers a.o. are :Anjinomoto Omnichem, Qingdao Auhai Biotech Co., Ocean Nutrition Canada and Carotech.

Plant and Herbal Extracts The most important source for health supporting ingredients is found in nature. Nature is an inspiration to scientists and almost any health related ingredient is derived from nature.Aceto B.V. has the opportunity to offer you the ingenuity to help our bodies stay fit and healthy. Here oncemore our activities in Pharmaceutical ingredients is of great support.Aceto B.V. offers the full range of plant extracts. Ranging from non standardized extracts into standardized extracts over to single molecule extracts.All these plant extracts have their own special abilities of supporting our health. If you can tell us your therapeutic indication or marketidea or target group.Aceto B.V. will select the right product and supplier for you.

A selection of our principal suppliers a.o. are : Carotech Malaysia, Indena, Triple Crown, and Anjinomoto Omnichem, Waggott, William Ransom.Finished Dosage SupplyAceto B.V. is an integral part of the supply chain when it comes to supporting health. Therefore Aceto B.V. is always looking to improve upon the supply chain in order to bring new opportunities or better conditions to our customers. This means also looking towards other parts of the world in search of new ideas or new business models. We have found that our partners in various parts of the world can offer outstanding quality products in a finished dosage form. Modern logistics enable us to bring these products to the European market.