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Performance Chemicals

The Performance Chemicals segment is made up of two product groups: Specialty Chemicals and Agriculture Protection Products.

Specialty Chemicals
Aceto is a major supplier to many different industrial segments that require outstanding performance from chemical raw materials and additives. We provide chemicals which make plastics, surface coatings, textiles, fuels and lubricants perform to their designed capabilities. These additive specialty products include antioxidants, photo initiators, catalysts, curatives, brighteners and adhesion promoters.

Aceto is at the forefront as a supplier of chemicals to ecofriendly technologies. For example, we supply UV photo initiators which allow inks and coatings to be cured by ultraviolet light instead of solvents, as well as curing agents and optical brighteners for powder (non-solvent) coatings. These growing technologies are critical in protecting and enhancing the world’s ecology.

We provide specialty chemicals for the food, beverage and fragrance industries. Aceto’s raw materials are also used in sophisticated technology products, such as high-end electronic parts (circuit boards and computer chips) and binders for specialized rocket fuels. Aceto is also a leader in the supply of diazos and couplers to the paper and film industries. Specific end uses for these products include microfilm, blueprints and photo tooling of printed circuit boards.
Organic Intermediates and Colorants
The color producing industry manufactures a wide assortment of products and Aceto is the supplier of choice to these producers of “color.” From textiles and plastics to inks and paints, our specialty colorant intermediates allow manufacturers to develop an endless rainbow of colorful possibilities.

Applications for Aceto’s organic intermediates include:

  • Color pigments for vibrant printing inks used in flexible packaging.
  • Automotive, industrial and residential coatings.
  • Dyes for colorful textiles for both natural and synthetic fibers.
  • Color photography and papers.
  • FDA-approved colorants for foods and pharmaceuticals.
  • High quality agrochemicals.

Agricultural Protection Products
The agricultural world is dependent on a large variety of deterrent products and Aceto has become a valued partner to the global generic agricultural industry by providing superior quality functional products. One of Aceto’s most widely used agricultural protection products is a sprout inhibitor that extends the storage life of potatoes. The products we supply include herbicides, fungicides and insecticides which control weed growth as well as the spread of insects and microorganisms that can severely damage plant growth.

We work with the large agrochemical distributors to provide alternate sources for key products. Utilizing our global sourcing and regulatory capabilities, we identify and qualify manufacturers either producing the product or with knowledge of the chemistry necessary to produce the product and then file an application with the U.S. EPA for a product registration. Aceto has an ongoing working relationship with manufacturers in China and India to determine which of the non-patented, or generic, agricultural protection products they produce can be effectively marketed in the Western world.

We secure our entry to the marketplace in one or more distinct ways:

  • Partner with a supplier.
  • Partner with a large agrochemical distributor.
  • Act as a sole principal.


Over the past several years, we have successfully brought numerous products to market and have several additional products currently under review at the U.S. EPA for registration. This is the agency which governs admittance to this generic industry. In addition, we have a strong pipeline, which includes future additions to our product portfolio. The combination of our global sourcing and regulatory capabilities makes the generic agricultural market a niche for us and we will continue to offer new product additions in this market as we move forward.