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Pharmaceutical Ingredients

The Pharmaceutical Ingredients segment has two product groups: Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients As the use of generic drugs has grown tremendously over the years, Aceto’s presence in this market also increased dramatically, both domestically and internationally. We supply APIs to all the major generic drug companies, who view Aceto as a valued partner in their effort to develop and market generic drugs.

The process of introducing a new API from pipeline to market spans a number of years and begins with Aceto partnering with a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer and jointly selecting an API, several years before the expiration of a composition of matter patent, for future generisizing. We then identify the appropriate supplier, and concurrently utilizing our global technical network, ensure they meet the highest standards of quality to comply with regulations. The generic pharmaceutical company will submit the Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for FDA approval or European-equivalent approval. The introduction of the API to market occurs after all the development testing has been completed and the ANDA or European-equivalent is approved and the patent expires or is deemed invalid. Aceto, at all times, has a robust pipeline of APIs poised to reach commercial levels, both in the United States and Europe.Pharmaceutical IntermediatesAceto has long been a supplier of pharmaceutical intermediates, the complex chemical compounds that are the building blocks used in producing APIs. These are the critical components of all drugs, whether they are already on the market or currently undergoing clinical trials. Faced with significant economic pressures as well as ever-increasing regulatory barriers, the innovative drug companies look to Aceto as a source for high quality intermediates.

Aceto employs, on occasion, the same second source strategy for our pharmaceutical intermediates business that we use in our API business. Historically, pharmaceutical manufacturers have had one source for the intermediates needed to produce their products. Utilizing our global sourcing, regulatory support and quality assurance network, Aceto works with the large, global pharmaceutical companies, sourcing lower cost, quality pharmaceutical intermediates that will meet the same high level standards that their current commercial products adhere to.