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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Aceto B.V. based in Heemskerk, is a major supplier of products and know-how and service provider ,within the pharmaceutical industry. Aceto B.V. represents leading foreign manufacturers. The bulk of our product range consists of Active Pharma Ingredients and pharmaceutical Preparations in their final Form (Finished Dosage Forms). Backed up by R&D and Regulatory Affairs knowledge.

Just a selection of our principal suppliers ; Boehringer Ingelheim, Inalco, Farchemia, Chemo Iberica's (Industriale Chimica, Quimica Sintetica & Liconsa), Cambrex, Chongqing Carelife, Hovione, Dipharma, Indena a.o. 

Since we do not trade our API's, there is no stocklist, but our supply and sourcing capabilities based on our principal suppliers and in combination with the state-of-the-art sourcing infrastructure available at Aceto Corporation in Asia, involves > 1000 of mature API's and a few hundred R&D API's. So Aceto B.V. combines for every API project, the best of two worlds ; our range of Principal Suppliers and Aceto's sourcing Infrastructure.LICENSING & CMOAceto B.V. based in Heemskerk, has been active in the licensing-out business since the mid nineties, an activity, which we base on principal partners for Generic dossiers. In the meantime we have been able to finalise, a substantial number of licence- and supply agreements. Also in the field of Contract Manufacturing & Outsourcing we are playing a important role, by suggesting the right CMO partners for our customer base.

Generic supply is all about the right Supply price.

OTCLike Aceto B.V.'s DMF and Generic Dossier activity, in the past. We are now focussing, over the last few years, to offer to our Industry on behalf of our partners OTC business opportunities, varying from OTC Dossier development to Distribution licensing-out.

O.T.C. our growth segment for future.