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Aceto Has been offering raw materials to the feed industry for over 25 years. We have been able to use our extensive network of global suppliers to secure a good and secure source for the feed industry. In 2007 we took the next step in feed safety by formalizing our way of working and received GMP+ certification.Health IngredientsAThe Feed industry is looking towards new opportunities both for companion animals and lifestock. In both areas new developments in health ingredients are becoming visible. With our long experience in both Feed, petfood as well as our knowledge of Food, Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical we are able to select the right product for the application and support you in your aim to bring healthy nutrition for the feed industry.SpecialtiesNot just humans need to watch their diet these days. Especially companion animals are living the same type of life we are living. This means eating a different diet then when they were living in nature as well as not having the same amount of exercise they used ot have. This creates a lack of certain nutrients as well as the need to stay fit. We offer some innovative products that support the health of your companion animal.