Aceto B.V. (Netherlands)

Welcome to Aceto B.V. Netherlands

Aceto B.V. is the regional sales office of Aceto for the BeNeLux, Scandinavia, Iceland, Malta, Greece and Portugal markets.

Aceto B.V. has one sole mission, to initiate and establish sales between our customers and entrusted suppliers in the pharmaceutical (human and animal health with emphasis on pet care), food and pet food industries. Many of our business relationships have entrusted us with their business and patronage for more than 3 decades.

Aceto B.V. combines a number of virtually indispensable elements, like compliance and regulatory support in a number of industries. An extremely critical eye is kept on the combination of product and service, which goes hand in hand with importance to the demands of smooth supply chain and stable prices. Our desire to achieve the best possible standards goes hand in hand with our professional attitude.

Aceto BV supplies a variety of services from active ingredient through to finished product, all based on a simple motto:

Reliability, Confidentiality, Transparency and Trust ; A SUCCESFUL SYNTHESIS !!


Aceto B.V. -formerly known as International Pharmeutical Chemicals B.V. was founded in 1981 by Henri Woud, as a sales and representation office for foreign manufacturers to the Netherlands market. In 1996, I.P.C. was acquired by Schweizerhall Holding in Basel. In March 2001, together with other Schweizerhall sales offices in the EU and Asia, I.P.C. became an Aceto Company.

Company Philosophy

Aceto B.V. combines experience, product expertise and an excellent and vast business network, based on a transparent business approach.

Business Development
Outstanding performance in a particular sector sometimes leads to success in other areas. Analysis of the opportunities which other markets might offer has led to specialization, with Aceto focusing on a limited number of customer groups. Generic Pharmaceuticals, be it supply of API's or licensing-out activities of registration dossiers for the Human and Animal Health industry (with emphasis on the pet care segment), continues to be the core business. Supplemented by food and pet food segment. To Aceto B.V. it represents a broad foundation, all based on an excellent Business Development network.

None of our customers like keeping a large amount of stock: stock-keeping costs money, takes up space and means one more thing to look after. Our approach to stock-keeping is the ideal one for customers. The fact that we service a large number of customers means, that we "iron" stock critical, and in many cases a substantial range of ingredients, always after consultation and in agreement with our customers.

Research and Development
Nobody knows more about the end-market more than our customers. A fairly extensive profile of companies offering a wide range of services is put together by us - and kept up-to-date. This is why Aceto B.V. is regularly involved at an early stage in the development of new projects and products. We thus form the R&D link between suppliers and customers in Human, Animal Health, Food and Pet Food industries.

Aceto B.V.'s business approach is based on mutual trust. Our relationships with all our manufacturers and customers with which we do business, regardless of whether or not our association goes back a very long period in time, are full of vitality. Having respect for each other, always going one step beyond what is strictly required, keeping an eye open for situations which affect both parties. These are factors which are determined by people. These are the type of people who work at Aceto B.V.: people who work with the most up-to-date technologies but most of all are people who work with pleasure and dedication. Nothing illustrates this better than one comment from one of our major customers:
Aceto B.V.? To us, it's just like a successful synthesis. Time after time.