Aceto B.V. (Netherlands)

Food & Pet Food

Aceto B.V. has been active in food ingredients for almost 35 years. We have always been looking to provide a wide range of products combined with our excellent customer care. The products Aceto B.V. supplies usually ask more then simply a commodity trading activity. Together with our long standing principal suppliers, Aceto B.V. is able to provide support, product development and application technology to help generate new product ideas


Aceto B.V. has been supplying Hydrocolloids for more than 3 decades. The main hydrocolloid Aceto B.V. is supplying is Gelatine. Gelatine provides the best performance and value for the money. From all the Hdrocolloids, Gelatine is the most stable and has the ideal melting point. Different mesh sizes and bloom grades are available. Also alternative Hydrocolloids are available, i.e. Carrageenans, etc.

Flavours - Hydrolised Vegetable Proteins

Aceto B.V. provides a broad gamma of products to the Food industry that work both as ingredients and as carriers. We can supply an extensive portfolio of savoury flavour ingredients. These incorporate both HVP's (Hydrolised Vegetable Proteins) reaction aromas as well as blended products. If you are creating a savoury product, we are happy to suggest flavour profiles and provide you with new ideas.

Functional Food Ingredients - a.o. Hydrolised Animal Proteins

Aceto B.V. provides the edge in new functional ingredients. Creating new concepts for our customers requires us to use both our extensive network of suppliers and our good knowledge of the EU regulations. This enables Aceto B.V. to support our customers in finding new opportunities. Products related to this activity can be found in many applications, but our emphasis lies in the meat processing industry and pet food.

Furthermore, we are strong in Soy based products like Soy Lecithins GMO and Non-GMO, Isolated Soy Proteins, Textured Vegetable Proteins, Organic Soy Concentrates and Phytosterols.

Natural Colorants

Aceto B.V. is able to supply a wide range of natural colorants for various applications in the food and pet food industries.

Salt & Sugar - Coated Ingredients

Current times demand more and more of the ingredients used in the food industry. This means either using new substances or adapting those already being used. One of the solutions can be coating one of the ingredients used. This may be helpful in improving the shelf life or creating new flavour profiles.

Bio-Organic Ingredients

Aceto B.V. supplies a wide range of organic Certified Proteins like Rice and Pea Proteins and Fibres. We do have a strong portfolio of Soy based products, i.e., TVP's and Isolated Soy Proteins.

Aceto B.V. holds Bio-Organic certification.