Phosphate Esters

How are Alkyl/Aryl Acid Phosphates made?

Alkyl/Aryl Acid Phosphates are formed by the reaction of phosphoric anhydride (phosphoric pentoxide or P2O5) and an alcohol (ROH). The process involves mixing P2O5 with the designated ROH until the reaction is complete. The hydrocarbon group (R = alkyl/aryl group) on the alcohol used will determine which alkyl/aryl acid phosphate is formed.

The final product generally contains approximately equimolar quantities of mono-alkyl/aryl and di-alkyl/aryl acid phosphates for any given alkyl/aryl radical. However, the production process is typically not controlled such that this ratio is predetermined. Other smaller constituents may include condensed phosphates, mono-/di-alkyl/aryl orthophosphates, free alcohol, and phosphoric acid.

Where are Alkyl/Aryl Acid Phosphates used?

Phosphate Esters are among the most versatile surfactants partly thanks to their stability and solubility in alkali state. They are effective coupling agents which display outstanding wetting, emulsification, and low foaming properties. Their oxidation stability and high ignition temperatures also make them a good choice in applications where fire retardancy is required.

Key applications include:

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