The paint and coatings industry produces products that bring color, texture, and protection to houses, furniture, packaging, paper, and durable goods. Many of today's coatings are eco friendly, by allowing inks and coatings to be cured by ultraviolet light instead of solvents, or allowing power coatings to be cured without solvents. These growing technologies are critical in protecting and enhancing the world's ecology, and Aceto is at the center supplying the coatings chemicals and additives that make modern techniques possible. Product lines include:

- Optical Brighteners
- Surfactants
- Dispersants
- UV Absorbers
- Curing Agents
- Flame Retardants
- Powder Coating additives
- Plasticizers
- Adhesion Promoters
- Rust Converters
- Specialty Solvents
- Diazos and Couplers for Paper Coatings
- Photoinitiators
- Organic Pigments