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Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

  • CAS # 10035-04-8
  • Formula : CaClH4O2+
Brand : Calcium Chloride Dihydrate
Related categories : Biopharma & In-Vitro Diagnostics
TSCA : Yes
Boiling point : N/A
Melting point : 176 °C (lit.)
Solubility : 1280 g/L (water)
Molecular Weight : 111.56 g/mol
Density : 1.85 g/cm³
Storage Temperature : 15-25 °C

Product Information

A&C’s Calcium Chloride Dihydrate multi-compendial is an excipient, which meets USP-NF, EP and BP monographs. Calcium chloride may be a white or colourless crystalline powder, granules, or crystalline mass and is hygroscopic (deliquescent).

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